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Hey, do me a favor and walk up to the next person you see and tell them they’re ugly. Tell them straight out. Point out all their flaws. Make them feel like shit. Go on go do it.

It’s hard, huh? You can’t do it. So why is it so easy to do it to yourself?

Being mean to yourself is just as bad as being mean to someone else.

shit imma have to reblog this again because

That fuckin' smirk (#)
That fuckin' smirk (#)
me making decisions in video games: *thoroughly researches consequences, reads multiple walkthroughs, explores every other course of action in detail*
me making decisions in real life: well what's the worse that could happen

Here’s to Arnav and Khushi’s everlasting love!

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↳ Yifan’s flawless side-profile. 


Guys will never understand the joy of having your period a week before you travel.

oh he hurts me





if you were a twin in ancient rome they would name the firstborn and then name the secondborn after the firstborn


if your older twin’s name was geminus, your name would be anti-geminus

that is the equivalent of naming your children steve and not steve

so what happened when triplets were born 

Steve, Not Steve, Definitely Not Steve.