Pictures of Gui Gui while as a guest on the Chinese variety show 《男左女右》 or “Battle of the Sexes”.

Here is a link to the full episode.

(And don’t worry, Gui Gui didn’t really kiss Evan Yo in the second picture. They were just posing for a photo.)

Gui Gui was so adorable in this episode. She even talked about “We Got Married Global Edition” on the show.

I loved the part where they showed how much she likes poking into other people’s business, in a good way. Evan Yo, a Taiwanese singer whose music videos Gui Gui has starred in and who was also a guest in this episode, pretended to have lost his phone while they were getting ready for the show. He acted like he was mad and that he didn’t want to go on the show anymore. Gui Gui went through his bag to look for it and even tried to give him her phone to try to calm him down. Here's a link to that segment.